• Question: @(my name is Luke&muazh)did you play with Lego when you were kids?:)??gg

    Asked by 832watf47 to Joe, Matt, Mo, Tam, Vinnie on 14 Jun 2016.
    • Photo: Matthew Hobbs

      Matthew Hobbs answered on 14 Jun 2016:

      Hi Luke and Muazh, yes I played with lego and I loved to build towers and buildings. There was also K’nex, Duplo, Meccano and Stickle bricks – very exciting toys for a young engineer!

    • Photo: Joe Shuttleworth

      Joe Shuttleworth answered on 14 Jun 2016:

      Hi Luke and Muazh, I loved playing with lego when I was younger. I used to get some every birthday and christmas from my mum and dad!

    • Photo: Maurice Stokes

      Maurice Stokes answered on 14 Jun 2016:

      Luke, my grandparents had a big box of Lego and I used to play with it. Like Matt and Joe I found it exciting. When I got older I started to take things apart and try and put them back together to see how they worked.

    • Photo: Tamsin Dobrowolska

      Tamsin Dobrowolska answered on 14 Jun 2016:

      I wasn’t allowed lego when I was a kid…..But I used to secretly borrow my friends sets!!

    • Photo: Vinita Khiroya

      Vinita Khiroya answered on 15 Jun 2016:

      Yes I loved lego as a kid and I still find it fun now!